Why we’re not going to post a blog today!

Right, so we have finished the writing and are now busy chapterising and re-spell checking – for the millionth time; we never seem to get all the typos ūüė¶

We mentioned a while back that our deadline was February so we could get our beta readers to review before we submitted out manuscript to the RWNZ Pacific Hearts competition which closes at the end of this month.

Sadly, we are a bit behind schedule so will just have to submit and hope for the best. Having said that, both Lisa and I have reread any number of times but being so close makes it easy to miss glaring gaps in continuity, spelling and general readability.

Hey ho, that’s the breaks though. Lisa’s job is going awesomely from the sounds of it but is very full on and I have deadlines which also coincide with our end of the month hard close for the competition.

Don’t you just hate it when work-life gets in the way of the fun stuff eh?

After that we have to look at revising the covers and republishing the lot as the complete trilogy; very exciting ¬†but also hard work. Ideally, we would love to have a publishing fairy swoop down and take care of all that for us – a movie deal would be nice too ¬†(just sayin’…) ¬†– as neither of us has any marked passion for the whole¬†marketing/sales stuff that goes with getting our books out to you lovely readers.

Anyway, that is why today’s post is not really a blog post but we will be back on board by April with fun and exciting thoughts to share!

This is what we’ll be doing once we’ve finished the damn book!!

Progress and Deadlines

Well, despite life continually getting in the way of writing, we have made good progress in the last couple of weeks.

On reviewing our story arc, we have identified five more scenes remaining to be filled in the last gaps of Jaime and Daniel’s story. Of course, we could keep writing forever but we need to get onto the next book.

So when we’ve completed those gaps we need to do the chapter breaks, yet another spell check and then get the drafts out to our beta readers by the 20th February. Why 20th Feb you ask? Well, because…LISA STARTS HER NEW JOB!

It’s an amazing opportunity and I know she will be awesome but it does mean her days will be back to being even more chokka than they are atm (and as you know, that’s pretty busy!).


The other cool news is that once we have the feedback from our kind (but always brutally honest) beta readers, our next move is to enter Out of the Shadows into the Romance Writers of NZ Pacific Hearts competition (31 March).  Once that is done we can sit on our laurels with fingers crossed for a bit before we crack on with the next story which is already buzzing in our heads and becoming more insistent as we dally over Jaime and Daniel.

Here’s a wee teaser: who knew a little place like Fisherman’s Creek could harbour such a dark secret in its past?

What deadlines are you working to, and what progress have you made? Do you work better with a fixed timeframe?