Beauty and the Beast follow up…

So Lisa finally got to see the new version of Beauty and the Beast and pronounces Emma Watson’s voice as perfectly adequate so HAH to the naysayers! Although there is always a critic somewhere eh, sometimes you have to see it as constructive and sometimes you just have to ignore it…

Having said that, we are definitely not ignoring the feedback from our lovely beta readers – we have the first two responses which we are going through tonight and will make any corrections identified so far and start planning for any gaps/extras that we might need.

Also we have a friend who, fortuitously, specialises in producing fabulous book covers so undoubtedly she will be able to improve our originals and we will be able to include them when we re-publish the first two instalments to go with Out of the Shadows as the complete trilogy.

Other things in our lives lately include attending the ANZAC Day services yesterday which brought home the futility of war and echoes our wartime storyline in this latest book. In fact, in the NZ Herald today, there was an article about the son of a Canadian soldier who was posted to NZ in World War II, who had an affair and probably a child to a local girl. The son never followed up on this potential half-sibling out of respect to his parents while they were still alive but now is keen to find as much as he can about his Kiwi connection.

Lisa has also been heavily involved in home renovations, helping a daughter paint her bedroom. Add in a long weekend waterpolo tournament over Easter for the small boys and two trips to the Bay of Plenty, plus catching up with old friends down there, and it’s been a busy old time.

Having some feedback has given us some great ideas to move forward with and has made us feel as though we’re not writing in a complete vacuum. We look forward to our other readers being as constructive and helpful!

For the Fallen an Ode

How did you observe ANZAC Day if you’re a New Zealander or Australian? Have you enjoyed this run of short weeks? Tell us what you’ve been up to!