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Book 1: Yesterday’s Shadows

Two old friends, both commitment-shy, renovate a house together over a long hot summer. In the process, they uncover a tragic tale of love and death, encounter ghostly former residents of the house, and uncover a passion for each other that neither dreamed existed. Can they overcome the scars of their pasts and make the leap for a scary, but richer life?

Yesterday’s Shadows – Preview – Emily Morgan

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Book 2: Dark Embrace

A vengeful ex-girlfriend who is not all she seems adds a complication to an adversarial relationship between two former lovers. Will it be third time lucky for them; will a long-buried secret tear them apart or will the evil claim his soul forever?

Dark Embrace – Preview – Emily Morgan

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Book 3: Out of the Shadows

Her life was glorious and fulfilling on the surface – until disaster struck and revealed the emptiness underneath. Returning to her roots, and with the help of a reluctant detective, can she piece her life back together, uncover her family’s deepest secrets and find a love she never believed she deserved?


We’re still working on this one! Excerpts to follow!