Emily Morgan B

Emily Morgan is the pen name of writing duo Caroline Jamieson and Lisa Rose. Emily Morgan is a combination of their daughters’ names. Caroline had always wanted to write a book and Lisa has been scribbling since she was old enough to hold a pencil.

Finally in 2002, after talking about it for a long time, they began work on Yesterday’s Shadows, inspired by Alberton House in Auckland, New Zealand and its atmosphere.

Emily Morgan A
Emily Morgan at Alberton

Caroline is a partially reformed gym bunny, works full time as a hostage to bureaucracy and enjoys music, reading, travelling, food and the occasional glass of bubbles. Her energetic fur baby provides an excuse for long walks on the beach and her gorgeous daughter reminds her how nice it is to no longer be a teenager.

Lisa could tell you what she did for a job, but then she’d have to kill you. She does have a commitment to the environment and regularly tries to convert random shop assistants to the cult of the reusable shopping bag. When she’s not busy trying to save the planet one plastic bag at a time, she’s wrangling her tribe of children, struggling to fit in regular exercise and sneaking off to read a book.

The original story, Yesterday’s Shadows, took us a while to write, and all the way through, Verity and Noah, two of the secondary characters, kept clamouring for more page time. So their story is Book 2: Dark Embrace. Surprisingly, during the writing of Dark Embrace, it turned out that Christa and Noah had a younger sister (this meant some rewrites of Yesterday’s Shadows!) and Jaime’s story is book 3, Out Of the Shadows. You’ll recognise a few of the characters from the earlier books, especially the dashing detective, Daniel.

And then, it turned out that there were a couple of extra characters who kept trying to push their way into our minds as well. Suddenly we have books 4 and 5 plotted (think about the owners of a certain B&B who crop up in Yesterday’s Shadows and even more in Out of the Shadows), so our “Shadows Trilogy” looks more like a “Fisherman’s Creek” series. We’ll see how it goes! In the meantime, keep checking back for news, updates and more!

Emily Morgan D

Photos courtesy of Alberton House and Stephen Martin (camera slave)


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