We are not in a slump!

Well, sadly life has got in the way of our creative juices recently…21sts, school balls, the fabulous Hudson and Halls show (playing at Q Theatre) AND after coming second to last for weeks if not months…not to mention last once… we finally won pub trivia at The Malt in Greenhithe last night – $75 bar tab so we were pretty stoked 🙂 they do the best chips in Auckland too so worth the drive…

I think also there has been a wee bit of laurel sitting although I think we have been quite justified in sitting back for a bit and relishing the completion of our third book in the Shadows Trilogy.

But now it’s time to get back to work so we are discussing our next steps. We mentioned in a previous post that our lovely beta readers have been hard at work. We now have an updated draft for revision and are waiting with bated breath to see what our new covers might look like. Lisa tells me I’m not allowed to talk about book four so all I’ll say is that we have an outline – which may or not change – we are flexible and our characters tend to do their own thing anyway, despite what we might plan for them ;-P

So no more about that until we’ve got the trilogy knocked off…

Our publisher (aka the long-suffering Stephen) has also been resting on his laurels, so watch this space for how and where we’re going to re-publish our books. Of course the dream still lingers that a la Fifty Shades some publisher will swoop us up and offer us squillions for our efforts…

But in the meantime, in the unforgettable words of Hudson and Halls, “up yer bum, CHEERS!”


PS Happy World Chocolate Day! We’re currently eating Milky Bar, yum!

World Choc Day


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