Why we’re not going to post a blog today!

Right, so we have finished the writing and are now busy chapterising and re-spell checking – for the millionth time; we never seem to get all the typos 😦

We mentioned a while back that our deadline was February so we could get our beta readers to review before we submitted out manuscript to the RWNZ Pacific Hearts competition which closes at the end of this month.

Sadly, we are a bit behind schedule so will just have to submit and hope for the best. Having said that, both Lisa and I have reread any number of times but being so close makes it easy to miss glaring gaps in continuity, spelling and general readability.

Hey ho, that’s the breaks though. Lisa’s job is going awesomely from the sounds of it but is very full on and I have deadlines which also coincide with our end of the month hard close for the competition.

Don’t you just hate it when work-life gets in the way of the fun stuff eh?

After that we have to look at revising the covers and republishing the lot as the complete trilogy; very exciting  but also hard work. Ideally, we would love to have a publishing fairy swoop down and take care of all that for us – a movie deal would be nice too  (just sayin’…)  – as neither of us has any marked passion for the whole marketing/sales stuff that goes with getting our books out to you lovely readers.

Anyway, that is why today’s post is not really a blog post but we will be back on board by April with fun and exciting thoughts to share!

This is what we’ll be doing once we’ve finished the damn book!!

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