Plus ca change…

As longtime readers will know, I left my job last year in search of greener pastures. After three months at home, I was lucky enough to be offered not one, but TWO great jobs, either of which I would have been happy to take. Which is a good position to be in. In keeping with my promise to myself to be brave in my decisions, I chose the role which scared me the most! We made a family management plan around childcare, and I happily accepted the role.

It’s week 2 at the new job, and frankly I’m not sure how I’ve managed to work full-time all these years!!! Having a few months off where I was available to do most pick ups, after school activities and during school activities, as well as all the various kids’ appointments, has made life very easy. I cooked regularly, grocery shopped often and the house was mostly tidy and the dishes done. How the mighty have fallen with the advent of full-time work!

I am blessed with a most excellent husband who has really picked up the slack in terms of cooking, kid wrangling and housework. Daughter #1 has stepped in and done a few school drop offs for me which makes life easier. I still feel as though we’re sprinting from pillar to post and I imagine it will take a few weeks to settle down. I seem to recall the start of the school year is always like this, and in fact the start of each term as activities change. This does bear out my feeling that as parents, we can have it all, but it’s bloody hard work!!!

Other changes with which I’m struggling include teaching Daughter #2 AND Son #2 to drive! They both got their learner licences on the same day. Awwwww. There has been no screaming and no near misses, and they’re both doing pretty well, but I’m unsure if I am ready to accept that they are old enough to be driving!

How am I finding the new job? I get in my car…just kidding! It’s great. It’s going to be a challenge, as it’s a good, meaty, senior role with lots of people related time and what seems like a big revenue target. They’ve made me very welcome, I like my car, and best of all, I have a 6-week induction! This means a week with each of my teams getting to know what they do, who they are, their daily achievements and their struggles. I can tell you that staples are the invention of the devil. Well, in terms of removing them to scan documents at least. Next week, I may be telling you about tape storage and the week after about boxes.

My only complaint? I need a pair of safety footwear to use when I am in the warehouses. I duly went out and found a pair I really liked, which were comfortable, and just a little stylish.

What I wanted…

Then I found out they had to be black.

What I got!

If all I have to complain about after a couple of weeks is that I couldn’t have turquoise work boots, then I think the job is going well. The home stuff will settle down as we accept our new ‘now’ and get reacquainted with the life we previously successfully managed. I am already getting much better at saying a firm “NO”, and although I miss doing good by helping out with deliveries at Eat My Lunch, I am excited about what the future holds.

Tell us about your juggle. Whether it’s doggie daycare pickups, trying to avoid 2-minute noodles for dinner three nights in a row or sending your kids to school with leftover birthday cake as an acceptable substitute for sandwiches (because you forgot to buy bread) we’d love to hear it!


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