Time for another teaser!

So it’s Thursday again….looking forward to the weekend even though the Auckland weather has reverted to true form after the (mostly) awesome weather over the last fortnight. Think that was summer, guys! I was out in the rain taking photographs for work and at midday it was FIFTEEN degrees…and did I mention it was wet???


Anyway, rant about the weather over, we thought it must be time for another teaser from Jaime and Daniel’s story so without further ado, here you go:

“Last night. I thought we, you…I…” she trailed off, unsure of how to phrase her question before gathering her courage and starting once more. “You didn’t come to my room – you said it wasn’t the right time. What did you mean exactly? I know I’m not supposed to get involved with anyone right now but I got the feeling it wasn’t just that. Is there someone else?”

Daniel wouldn’t look at her, his eyes focusing only on the road ahead as he replied. “No, there’s no one else. Last night we both got a bit carried away, that’s all. And after last time I swore to myself I wouldn’t go there again.”

A bit carried away? The most mind-blowing kisses of her life? And hang on… “What do you mean, after last time? You swore you wouldn’t go where again?”

“Do you really want to have this conversation now?” Daniel’s hands gripped the steering wheel so tightly they were nearly cramping and he forced them to relax. Probably not the best time or place for this discussion but it would be good to get it off his chest. The memory of their encounter at the wedding those long months ago still made him burn with shame and to be honest with himself, was all that had stopped him last night.

And now a question for you, dear reader. Which characters from Yesterday’s Shadows or Dark Embrace would you like to see get their own story, and why?





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