Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all. The holidays seem a very long time ago to Caro who is hard at work already and for whom the family fun has faded into the long-distant mists of memory…I’m (Lisa) still searching for a new job, but in the immortal words of the wise Pie Man, it would be a shame not to enjoy this time, so I am!

Holidays for Caro involved a huge family get-together down country, with rivers, toasted marshmallows, cricket in the sheep paddock, bonfires, dogs and of course, food – they even ate Jerome (a very tasty piece of beef). As an added bonus for the city folk, the cow had a calf (Vinnie, named after Vinegar Hill which they’d visited that day). For me, there was a week of bliss on Waiheke Island, with lots of walking and swimming – even if there was a nasty south-westerly and the water wasn’t exactly warm!

We also achieved significant progress on the book! We have a March 1st deadline, which is when the Romance Writers of NZ Pacific Hearts Award competition opens. Caroline did an on-screen edit with lots of great changes and then we printed it out for me to go through again. I made a few more tweaks, found some consistency errors and together we highlighted our gaps, which means we are working much better to a plan, which is probably quite important when there are two of you writing.

So, in the next six weeks, we need to finish the damn book, have a couple of beta readers check it out and then call in a couple of editors we know to get it ship-shape before the competition closes. We both work very well under pressure and to tight deadlines, so that will really help. Hopefully, I will have a job soon too, just to make life interesting!!!

How did you spend your holidays? What were the highlights for you? We’d love to hear from you!



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