How to fill the hours


Lisa writes: as some of you know, I am between jobs at the moment.* You might think that would be quite nice coming in to summer, giving me plenty of time to do things around the house, volunteer work, exercise, write the book, cook gourmet dinners every night and binge watch Offspring and Gilmore Girls while eating delicious bon bons.

Sadly, no. Looking for a job is taking up a good chunk of each day, and is my first priority as it should be. I am enjoying the quiet and all the time to myself, as you would expect from an introvert. But actually, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am not cut out to work from home. I quite like seeing the people each day, even though I need my recharge time. Despite the busy-ness of my days, time seems to hang oddly heavily.

Here’s how I spend my days:

2-3 hours looking for jobs. This means checking all my searches, seeing if there is anything remotely suitable, then spending some time on the company website to see if I like the look of the place. If I do, then I try and find someone to speak to, in hopes that my CV will attract their attention when they remember my name. Once I’ve done that, I redo my cover letter and fill in the online application form. This last can take up to an hour if it is a complex one. So in my 2-3 hours, I may actually have applied for one job.

1-2 hours dropping children off and picking them up. Having a stay-at-home parent has been a real boon for my non-driving teenagers!

Two or three mornings a week I am a volunteer driver for Eat My Lunch, delivering lunches to schools in the Mt Roskill or Mangere areas. That eats up a couple of hours and it is nice to see people and talk to them. The best thing about it is that I am giving something back and that makes me feel good!

Then there’s all the normal chores – cooking, washing, tidying (if there’s any day left over). I’m managing to swim 2-3 times a week and last week cycled into school to pick the boys up and we all cycled home (a round trip of about 10km for me) so I guess I’m managing the exercise portion.

Is the house tidy? No more than normal, although I now have a list and am tackling one small chore a day.

There is dinner on the table every night, but having had nearly a year where I was only responsible for dinner 3 nights a week, it’s a bit of a mental exercise. I hear some of you saying “menu plan” but I just cannot be doing with that!

Despite not doing very much and getting lots of sleep, I feel tired all the time. Everything is an effort. I find it hard to sell myself to prospective employers and it requires a significant amount of emotional energy. I’m very thankful that I’m resilient enough to take the constant rejection (with the exception of a couple of bad days) based on my own perception that I’m awesome!!!

writers-blockAll of this is a long way of leading into the next question – have I done any writing? Well, no. I have managed to review the first couple of chapters (note that Caro is working full time and managed to complete the whole thing!!!). We’ve reached that point in the process where we are bogged down, hence the review as that should get us moving again. So given that we’ve done nothing new, we’ll leave you with a little snippet to whet your appetite for the new book! This is very early on in Jaime and Daniel’s story.

…She had stared at all the men present; looked them up and down very subtly but in a very experienced way, then dismissed them. She had lingered longest on him – probably because he was nearly drooling! But those glances, combined with what he knew about her and what she looked like spelled only one word for him – trouble with a capital T. He made a mental note to stay well away from her.

Several hours later, Daniel was reminding himself again of this as he pressed Jaime up against the outside wall of the reception hall and dipped his head for another mind drugging kiss. His hands were full of her extremely shapely rear, and her killer body was plastered to his like a wet shirt. She pulled back for a short moment, laughed breathlessly up at him and said “My room or yours?”…

*If you know of anyone who would like a customer services team lead, coach, training specialist or social media content  writer, do let me know! Available for an immediate start!


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