A whole bunch of musings…

pralympicGiven that we won 20 medals at the Paralympics, not to mention breaking all types of records, why oh why did we not have the media frenzy that we suffered through during the prequel Olympics where we won 18??? Additionally, we won more golds at the Paras and ranked higher per capita.

All athletes train hard and long to excel in their chosen event but come on networks, how about a nod to the fact to how much extra effort does it take an athlete with a disability to get to that level? From my humble, non-athlete perspective, I’d say it’s a damn sight harder.

So we would like to congratulate all our fabulous athletes, both Olympic and Paralympic. You’ve achieved what so many of us couldn’t even begin to contemplate, we’re in awe of all of you.

Moving on to pop stuff..Lisa was gutted to hear the tragic news that Brangelina will be re-adopting their original, individual names as they go their separate way. Me, I’m not so fussed but we both hope that neither of them tries to use their children as a weapon to hurt the other, as happens in so many instances of a breakup. From my in-depth knowledge of the couple (not – I read Woman’s Day when I’m at my lovely hairdresser’s every 5 weeks or so), they certainly appear to love their kids. So here’s to both Brad and Angelina acting like adults and making sure your kids are kept out of whatever nastiness might ensue as they disentangle their relationship. This is between you, and children need a healthy relationship with both their parents, if at all possible. And despite what newly separated people might want, you are forever connected with your ex when children are involved so it’s best just to bite the bullet and be civil – at least on the outside!

Other than that, I was far too busy celebrating my birthday and getting a new job last week to think about much else, and Lisa is moving on to pastures new on the job front also so it seems like a miracle that we’ve actually done quite a lot of writing so the end of Jaime’s story is rapidly coming into view – hurrah!



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