We got nothin’ :-(

We’ve looked and looked and talked and talked – some interesting topics of conversation but sadly, nothing that inspires anything like a nice long blog post.

So, some of the things that caught our eye are linked here:

The survival story 1 – Auckland zoo welcomes a new baby kiwi!

The survival story 2 – Thank god for ranger huts…

Having adventures and doing good deeds:


And on the Olympics …which, BTW did not allow women to fully participate until well into the twentieth century (apparently our job was to applaud – and god forbid anyone competing when they had their period!). Check out:

The rise of women in Olympic sports

What a difference a country makes:

Olympic medal celebrations and recriminations

Grace in the face of victory:

Eliza McCartney

And, if you believe silver is a defeat, (which by the way, we think is an awesome achievement!) then the grace of:

Valerie Adams

But enough about the Olympics – for the next four years anyway! Soon it will be Daffodil Day again. Most of us have been touched by cancer. Who will you wear your daffodil for?

Well, that’s it from us – perhaps next week we will be a bit more inspired ;-D



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