sing…only women lead*

So there is a lot of politics on the news, Brexit has been trumped (haha) by the US presidential lead up. Michelle Obama had it right when she pointed out that when Hilary didn’t get the nomination eight years ago, she could have thrown her toys out of the cot but instead she accepted a position as Secretary of State and kept on working very hard for her country, particularly advocating for its children. Along with other ringing endorsements, Obama also said Hillary never quits and has the strength to persevere – she referred to it as “guts and grace”.

Interestingly, the stats show that out of 4,766 democrat national delegates, 2,887 were women. Half the speakers were women, as opposed to the republican speeches.
So anyway, it looks like all that hard work is paying off and Hillary Clinton may be the first female president of the United States. But let’s face it, despite the hype, she would not be the first woman to lead a country. We have Margaret Thatcher, Benazir Bhutto, Indira Gandhi, Jenny Shipley and let’s not forget our very own Auntie Hellie (Helen Clark for those non-kiwis). Helen was the first elected female New Zealand Prime Minister, is currently Administrator of the UN Development Programme and is also in the running for UN Secretary General, not bad for a girl from the Waikato eh 🙂

It is sad to reflect though that gender, along with race and sexual orientation is still such an issue in politics that the media makes such a big thing about it. It should be about the person best qualified for the job – strong people who can be strong leaders, regardless of their chromosomal identity.

From chocolate to world politics…we discuss all the important topics here!!
And for some ear candy, here’s Hillary’s Fight Song

*do you see what we did there? Name that song and artist.

Disclaimer: our political opinions are our own and no debate will be entered into 🙂 Well, OK, maybe some debate, but let’s keep it seemly.



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