Did you know it’s World Chocolate Day?

World Choc DayLisa writes: I never knew there was any such thing but am delighted to find this out!!

I love chocolate. I’m not ashamed to say that rarely a day goes by without me having chocolate in some shape or form. My  morning ritual involves doing a few hundred steps to one of the nearby cafes to acquire my morning hot chocolate (trim, extra hot, in case anyone wants to know!). When I moved back to Downtown with my new job, I may have conducted a survey* of all the cafes in the close vicinity of my office to determine best value for money, best taste and best service over the course of January and February.

This love of chocolate may perhaps have led to the invention of a chocolate scale of men. We may even have referenced this in our third book, Out of the Shadows. You’ll have to wait to see which characters use the chocolate scale and about whom, but here are some highlights:

“she rated him a solid Mississippi Mud Pie on her chocolate scale. Decadent, indulgent, rich, sensuous as you please”

“a pineapple lump  – a real sweetie but ultimately not to her taste.”

“he was a solid dairy milk bar. Always pleasant, would do if one needed a chocolate fix, but soon over. A good everyday sort of chocolate”

“On the chocolate scale of men, he was absolutely a handmade French truffle”

So we tried to put together a formal scale and although we agree that fruit and nut chocolate was near the bottom of our list and Belgian truffles were near the top, it was quite hard to come up with anything formal. Turns out the chocolate scale is subjective. And of course, extremely sexist! It does remind us of the “baked goods scale of women” that friends of ours ran in the early ’90s – equally sexist but for some years, seeing an almond croissant for sale anywhere produced somewhat guilty chortles, chuckles and sniggers.

What would your partner, the light of your life be on the chocolate scale? Do you have an alternative scale which you like better? I have heard that there are people out there who don’t like chocolate. I don’t really believe it, but there’s no accounting for taste…

Keep calm choc

For anyone who is interested, the best hot chocolate is at Bohemein in O’Connell St .It is also the most expensive, and the furthest away so is an occasional treat. Here  you can choose the type of chocolate you want (milk, white, 53%, 75%, extra flavourings – cardamom is my favourite!).

Next best is The Square in the Zurich Building on Queen Elizabeth Square which makes a lovely rich sweet hot chocolate at a good price.

I also regularly go to Mojo in Queen’s Arcade, which is a decent hot chocolate, well priced, and made by barista Josh (a member of band Quinn The Human) and his sequence of lovely assistants, so I go there for the conversation and friendly staff as much as the hot chocolate. I also like the Mojo app on my phone which means I don’t have to carry yet another coffee (or in my case, hot chocolate) loyalty card around – I just swipe the QR code and I get an automatic VIP discount.

Mojo QA

In the spirit of full confession, I also need to admit to patronising the Devonport Chocolate Shop in Queen’s Arcade. It is possible that they know me by name…and they have the most amazing window displays…yep, that’s all chocolate

Devonport chocolate shoes


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