Published authors – OMG!

Life has been really exciting! Thanks to Lisa’s husband’s (aka the Camera Slave) online efficiency, our first two books were PUBLISHED on last week! And we have some sales (and thank you to our friends and family who’ve bought the books and made us feel like ‘real’ authors).

So how do you buy our books? If you go to the BOOKS page, beside each of the books is a BUY NOW button. Choose your Amazon store (US, UK or AU – that one’s for the New Zealand buyers) and follow the steps from there.

If you’re not sure if you want to buy, and would like a taste of what the books are about, on that BOOKS page we also have the first three chapters of each book available for FREE download.

Book 3, tentatively called Out Of the Shadows, is progressing well. We’re about a quarter of the way through in terms of the actual writing, but have plotted out most of the book in reasonable detail. We’re hesitant to put a time frame on it, but HOPE to be through our first draft and be looking for beta readers in June. Of course that depends on how much life gets in the way.

Happy Easter and we hope you had a massive amount of chocolate!easter-wallpapers-cute


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