Photo mayhem and other things we could be doing when we should be writing!

So now we have two completed books that have been updated, proofed, edited, re-edited, proofed and spell checked again, it’s time to reveal the awesomeness of Emily Morgan to the world.

Unfortunately, that means PHOTOS. The last time we had a photoshoot together was in our twenties (yes, I know, just last year LOL). I hate having photos taken as I always look deranged and Lisa loathes it on general principle…

However, needs must when we are about to publish, so off we went with our camera slave and two small helpers to remedy the situation. We both even put on makeup. You can tell we took the process very seriously! It was a lot of fun and we did get some good shots to add to the site.

These ones may not have made the cut, but check out the “About” page to see the final official photo.


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